Readers Comments

We have received lots of wonderful comments from readers

  • This book gently encourages you to get to know yourself better.

  • The things that strike a chord with me from this book change every time I read it. Its a precious book that I will keep close by for the rest of my life.

  • The little stories in this book gave me some big revelations.

  • After finishing the book I took some breaths and felt very happy.

  • I can take better care of myself, I can be happier and enjoy my life even more. Thats what I learnt from this book.

  • This book is a journey to help reconnect with yourself.

  • One breath, one breath, one gift, this book really made me feel at Peace with myself.

  • This book is like a training course on how to feel happy.

  • I realised that I am the hero in my story, then everything else fits into place.

  • I was really surprised how much lighter I feel after reading this book.

  • The book didn't tell me anything new, I just felt what I already knew more deeply.

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